Propast Recording Studio B control room Propast Recording Studio B live room

The first part of the complex, now known as Studio B, was built in 1983. In the eighties the studio was used to record albums of most of the top Czech musicians playing the rock and pop genre. Over the years the studio has been reconstructed in its present form. STUDIO B is used for less expensive projects and serves a purpose as a "tracking room" for Studio A.

Tasks done is Studio B

  • Recording smaller projects
  • Analog recording (2" 24 channels)
  • Digital recording (NUENDO)
  • Tracking for Studio A

Floor Plan

Propast Studio B floorplan

Studio equipment


Studio Propast twin bedroom Studio Propast bathroom Studio Propast bar

Because high-quality recordings require a lot of time, it is unlikely everything will be finished in one day. Therefore, we can offer customers a comfortable accomodation for up to 10 people in four twin bedrooms with extra bed possibility and bathroom.

Bar with a small kitchen is also available.